Saturday, 14 December 2013

Benefit Cabana Glama

So I have had this for a little while and I haven't even used it yet so I thought I would do a quick show and review.
This is a very summery, holiday set. As is made for the tanned look. 

Inside the box you receive a Hoola Bronzer which I absolutely adore. especially for contouring. Three different eye shadow colours, peach fizz, bronze buzz and cocoa pizzazz. There is also a mini off posietint and some kind-A gorgeous.

I have wanted to try Posietint for a while now so this was a great little way of trying it. As I also where Hoola nearly every day it's great as a little back up. 

As I may depot the eye shadows and bronzer It is a great little box to store different items as just is so cute and petite. 

You also receive a small brush and a double ended sponge applicator

This is a great set for anyone in the summer time or off on holiday to give you that amazing glow.. 

What is your favourite product from benefit?  

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

MUA Eyeshadows

So the other week in my Superdrug haul I got some MUA eyeshadows and I am in love they are so pigmented and blend really well. I got 5 different ones as they are only £1 and I got them on a 3 for 2 deal, which is even better. 

They are such lovely colours and the swatchs came out amazing.

There are so many different colours Pearl and Matte so I will be definitely buying more and hoping to have every single colour.  As it was a 3 for 2 I also bought 2 lipsticks and 1 blush as everything sells out so quick on stand and they do take a while to restock. So I definitely recommend going online. 

I will definitely be also buying more lipsticks and many different items from this brand as you can not go wrong and they are surprising good quality.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Real Techniques Brush set

Where have I even being the last week? I think Christmas is getting on top of me. Anyway to more important matters. I got some new brush's, Real Techniques to be more precise. 

I was going to buy these from from either Boots or Super drug and then had a look on-line and found a great american website called were the brush's where about half the price and you got $10 off when you spent $40 or more. 

So I got the Real techniques Your Base/Flawless Core Collection, 4 brushes + case which in Boots is £21.99 and I got it for $17.99 which works out at £11.02 which is a absolute bargain. 
I also got the Real Techniques On Location, Travel essentials. 3 brush's + case. Which worked out also at £11.02.

Finally I bought the Real Techniques Expert face brush. Which was $8.99 which works out at £5.51 and is £9.99 in boots and other stores alike. 

So I think It got a really good deal post and packaging was £4.89 which is amazing. 
Altogether it came to £32.99 then I got £6.12 extra off with the code.

I would deferentially recommend it to anyone as it is a absolute bargain and your saving over £25.

Have you ever tried the Real Techniques brush's? If so what do you think of them, Let me know?

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Sneaky Christmas Present Treat's

So today I received a parcel in the post which was a surprise because I was not expecting anything. So I had a look inside and There was three Ben Nye powders and a Z palette, that's when I realised the parcel was not addressed to me but to my mum, opps.
So I then snapped a couple of pictures, I love how my Mum knows me so well.

I have being wanting to try Ben Nye powders for so long, and I  need to depot so many of my eyeshadow's there just hanging around everywhere as my bedroom consistently looks like a bombs hit it because my whole house is getting redone and obviously my room would be getting done last.

So I had to wrap them back up and tape the box back up, which I did not do a great job of let's hope my mum doesn't notice though!

I'm exited for Christmas now to see what over surprises I have to come.

Have you ever tried Ben Nye powders or the Z palette?
What are your thoughts on them?

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Primark Makeup....

So I recently went into Primark just to have a look around and I came across some Make up they had for sale. I thought I may aswell give it a try as it was so cheap what is the worst that could happen. So I bought to gift box eyeshadow type of things, which were £2 each even if they where rubbish it's only £2. I also bought a lipstick which was a £1 so in total I only spent £5 which either way is not the end of the world. 

So here is what I got.

So in all the colours are quite pretty and the boxes they come in are quite nice just to store items. When I gave them a swatch test I was surprised with the plain eye shadows as they where some quite nice colours and they showed up pretty well when I swatched them. Now the glitter ones are not as good I mean there ok for one or two time uses maybe but not in the long run. 

Now the lipstick that cost me a £1 I actually rather like, they had a big tube of all different colours so I will be deferentially going to try a few others for that price.

Swatch of the lipstick.

Swatchs of the Eye Shadow's

So in all I think I found a few deals. They also sell brush belts for £3 so I will be getting of of those to.

Have you tryed on of Primarks Make up? If so what did you think?

Monday, 25 November 2013

Benefit Box

So Stocking up on my make up before Christmas. I got One of the Benefit Beauty Boxes. 
I needed for a while now the Benefit Hoola Bronzer. Which I ran out of a couple of months ago and can not believe it took me so long to get it back.
I always got they're real mascara which I have wanted to try for a while. I got a mini of porefessional and high beam. I am actually exited to try high beam because I have heard great things about it and I actually haven't found a amazing highlighter yet ahh I know. 

I really like the box to and will look great on my new vanity I hope I will be getting after Christmas when I get my room decorated.  

I also received a few samples of there eye cream and foundation which is always nice.

What is your favourite Benefit product, do you use it daily?

Sunday, 24 November 2013

ELF Again!

Only a little post for today as I am swamped.

I really need to start controlling myself and stop buying for ELF no matter what offer they are giving. So this time was 40% of so once again I could not resist. I did not buy a large amount so I am quite proud of myself there. 

I got the ELF make up artist brush belt because I have needed one for so long and with the 40% off this was a bargain and actually loads rather a lot. 

I also bought I believe the new Daily Brush Cleaner as I always like to try new ones and at £3.75 without the money off is great.
I also bought a ELF Kabuki brush, a bamboo flat brush, Studio stipple brush and Hd blush in Head liner.

Have you taken advantage of any of the ELF amazing offers? If so what did you get?